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    Trillion Industrial Tech Co., Ltd. Focused on the manufacture and international marketing of the highest quality sprayer, pressure washer, water pump, engine, spare parts, etc.

  • production

    Car washers/ Sprayers(Manual/ Electric)

  • technology

    We have a complete and scientific quality management system.

  • Production Equipment

    124 sets of production equipment: 10 sets of electric welding machines, 1 set of water testing machine, 10 sets of CNC machine tools, 6 sets of die casting machines and 7 sets of injection molding machines.

CASECoperation case


01Electric Power Pressure Washer

An electric power pressure washer, which can be used for cleaning and maintenance of various motor vehicles and engineering vehicles.

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02Handheld ULV Sprayer

The Handheld ULV Sprayer drives the fan to generate high-speed swirling airflow, and the liquid medicine is pressurized and sent to the confluence of the nozzle and high-speed airflow at a certain flow (adjustable).

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03Electric Fogger Machine

Electric Fogger Machine KB - 15002 - e mist engine produced by high pressure air will medicine cabinet hydraulic to tube, tube and outbreak of high speed airflow mixed quickly...

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How To Choose The Pressure Of The High Pressure Was...
How To Choose The Pressure Of The High Pressure Was...

The high-pressure cleaner uses the pressure generated by concentrating a large amount of w

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